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Formatting your resume can be tough. Sometimes, it seems like there are a billion ways to create a resume and there’s really no right formula to do so. Although you should create a resume that best reflects you as a candidate for a position, there are things that could hurt you in your job search if they’re included.

You could be up against a handful of other candidates, so it’s important to make sure you take your time to take a hard look at your resume to remove any errors or inconsistencies. A resume is often an employer’s first impression of you, so you have to create a resume that stands out and doesn’t get tossed aside. Below, we’ll outline SIX elements that should NOT be included in your resume.

1. A list of references

When writing down a list of references or saying “references available upon request,” you’re wasting a valuable line of your resume. Unless an employer or recruiter specifically asks for you to list references on your resume, you should leave them off. If an employer wants to speak with your references, they will most likely ask you to provide that information separately.

2. Personal information

Don’t include things like your height, weight, marital status, and religious or political preferences on your resume. Not only is this irrelevant and inappropriate, it’s also illegal for an employer to ask this information in your interview. You should leave room for professional experience instead.

3. Pictures or images

A headshot or other pictures of yourself or work takes up valuable space on your resume to talk about past roles and experiences, but it’s also inappropriate. Including images on your resume makes it appear less formal. If you have work or projects that you’d like to showcase, prepare a portfolio that you can offer to show recruiters or employers in addition to your resume.

4. False information

Even when you’re trying to expand upon your experience, it’s important to keep it as true as possible. You don’t want to say you’re an expert at a certain software or platform, get hired, then not be able to use it in your new job. Be honest with recruiters or employers and let them know, “Hey, I’m not extremely proficient in using this software, but I’m willing to learn.”

5. Links to unprofessional content

Many individuals are beginning to create professional social media accounts on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’re tweeting or posting professional content that relates to your industry or the job you’re looking for, feel free to provide your Twitter handle or LinkedIn profile link on your resume. However, if you have a personal account that might have inappropriate pictures or content, it’s best to leave this off your resume.

and the biggest mistake of all…

6. Grammatical errors and typos

Always make sure you read and re-read your resume before you send it out. You can even ask other people to look over it for you to check things you missed. Grammatical errors will show an employer that you don’t pay attention to detail and could get you automatically rejected for a position. Also, make sure your contact information is correct. You’ll want the employer to be able to get in touch with you in the best way possible.

Ok, so what’s the big takeaway?

At the end of the day, creating a resume is all about presenting the best version of yourself. You want to include valuable information that will get you hired and keep off the things that won’t, because every inch of your resume is precious space. Recruiters and employers often look at hundreds of resumes a day. You don’t want to make a mistake that will get yours tossed in the trash. Pay close attention to detail and spend some time creating and perfecting your resume — it’ll be worth it in the long run!


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