Set Great Goals This Year That Will Benefit Your Career

Now is the time of year when everyone looks toward the future. The start of a new year symbolizes new beginnings, making it the perfect time to set goals for your career. But how do you choose goals that will truly benefit you as they are achieved? By following the tips below.

1. See Where You Stand

Before you create any goals, you need to fully understand where you are today. Take an inventory of your skills to see what you have to offer. Then, consider what skills and tasks bring you the most satisfaction while working. Reorder your skills list based on these preferences as they will serve as a guide for future goal setting.

2. Know Where You Want to Go

You can’t set a goal if you don’t have a destination. You need to identify what you are aiming at in order to create a plan. Is there a particular job or promotion you want to obtain? A level of income? A college degree?

By envisioning the endpoint, you can determine the steps that stand between you and that goal.

3. Start the Research

Once you decide where your career is going, you can start researching what it takes to get there. For example, if a particular job is where you would like to take your career, research what the common qualifications are for that position. If you have a specific company in mind, then your research may be fairly quick if you want to find a job posting for that particular vacancy. However, if you are more flexible about the organization in which you would be willing to work, then explore listings based on your ideal location.

4. Break it Down

Now that you know where you are, and where you would like to be, you can begin breaking down the individual steps required to get from point A to point B. This can include filling in skill gaps, gaining more work experience, taking classes or training, and more.

As you identify these steps, make sure to keep things specific. For example, the idea of attending classes is too general. Instead, record the exact class (or at least the subject) that you need to fulfill that requirement.

5. Start Moving

Since the steps to your career goal are clearly set out, you can begin taking action. Pick a step that can be accomplished based on where you are today and make it happen. For example, you can sign up for that class or training opportunity to fill a skills gap, look into colleges that offer your ideal degree, or look for volunteer opportunities to gain more experience. The point is, now that you know what you need to do, you can start making your goal a reality.

6. Get That Job !

Most career goals focus on reaching particular positions. Once you have the experience and education you need, it is time to land the job that will benefit your long-term career goals. If you are looking for a new position today, the employment specialists at Resolution Technologies can help you reach your goal. Contact us today and let us use our experience to help you reach your goals.