Stand Out in the Tech World: Diversity is the Key

Many organizations attempt to promote diversity in the workplace by looking at what makes us different on paper. While gender, age and ethnicity are often highlighted when diversity is discussed, it is actually the diversity of thought that brings the most benefits to an organization. Aside from the traditional points that are examined for diversity, you also want to look for people with varying backgrounds, cultures and even personalities to create the most innovative environment possible.

Diversity and Groupthink

One of the most damaging situations a business can find themselves in involves a prevalence of groupthink among team members. Since these systems function based on conformity, they often yield less than desirable results over time. Groupthink removes the creative component from the workplace and replaces it with a desire to fit in and reach a consensus.

While creating an environment where employees are willing to compromise is helpful, it is important that it does not come at the expense of innovation and the ability to speak one’s mind when they have new ideas.

Locating Diversity of Thought

Finding appropriate candidates when the diversity of thought is a priority seems like a tall order. However, it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Often, this involves finding applicants who may represent an unconventional choice for your organization.

Once you have identified a few candidates that have the skills necessary to complete the work, consider what separates these options from your current team. Look for applicants with talents that are not currently a part of your business, and consider how these difference could create a more efficient team.

For example, if your team is predominantly made of people with strong analytical thinking skills, consider adding an individual who offers strong creative thinking. By ensuring your team members have unique skills to offer, you can leverage that knowledge when making assignments and bring more perspectives to group-oriented work.

Create a Safe Environment

To make the most of a diverse workforce, you have to create a workplace where everyone feels safe to discuss their ideas. While not every idea has to be used, it is vital that employees feel confident that their suggestions will be received with respect. It is also important that every team member feels they can discuss these proposals openly regardless of whether the stance is for or against what is being proposed.

By allowing new ideas to be discussed thoroughly and transparently, you are more likely to tap into what makes each of your employees unique in their own right. You may also enjoy the advantage of your employee’s insights into different cultures and their priorities, allowing you to create products and services that address the individual needs of the various groups.

When they feel their input is valued regardless of the final decision, your employees will be more likely to take risks when it comes to finding new solutions.

When it comes time to add a new employee to your team, Resolution Technologies has the experience needed to help you find the best candidates to bring a diversity of thought into your operations. Contact Resolution Technologies, and enjoy the benefits of greater workplace diversity today.