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Happy one-year anniversary! On June 1st, Senior Technical Recruiters Shane Kantor, Amy Watson and Victoria Truitt celebrated working one year at Resolution Technologies. Our Marketing Intern, Heather Wiedman, got the chance to sit down with them and talk about what they’ve learned over the past year and what they’re looking forward to in the future.


HW: How did you first hear about Resolution Technologies, and is this your first job out of college?

SK: Yes, I found out through Dawglink at UGA, so I interviewed on campus and then I interviewed here. It was actually one of the first jobs I interviewed for.

AW: I found them at the UGA career fair. They talked to me, and I guess they liked me because they brought me in to interview here.

VT: And I found out the same way Shane did, through Crimson Careers for the University of Alabama; I had an interview on campus with Joe, and then they brought me in for an interview in the office.


HW: What is your favorite part about working at Resolution?

 SK: I think my favorite part is the people that we’re working with; we’re all recent college grads so we’re all kind of transitioning together. Also, another benefit is the ability to affect how much money you’re making. The amount of work and time you put into this job directly affects the amount of compensation that you’re going to get. We have a generous base salary but the majority of our compensation is going to come from commission.

AW: Going off of what Shane said, I really like the company culture. It’s nice to work with your friends and we get to go out and have team bonding events like kickball and Braves games, stuff like that. Also, Joe and the account managers are really good at what they do, so it’s nice to have people to look up to.

VT: Yeah, I definitely agree with Shane about the salary and commission part; being able to see the hours you’ve put in reflected on your paycheck is really nice. As well, it’s really nice working with you guys and everyone else. I know a lot of people who, after college, start working with people who are a lot older than them, or just in different walks of life, so it’s good that we’re kind of all in the same place and we relate to each other really well. Also, I like that it’s fast-paced. It’s not always that way, but I like that there’s always something different going on and different things to be working on. And I really like working with people in IT. They’re interesting people and fun to talk to and smart, and I really like learning what those people do.


HW: Well, Amy sort of touched on my next question, but how would you describe the company culture?

SK: Work hard, play hard.

AW: Really young and fast-paced.

VT: Yeah, and when you work hard, you get rewarded. We have a contest going on in June; if you get two starts you get a gift card, so there are a lot of incentives.

AW: I mean for the most part we’re all really good friends and it is nice coming to work with people you consider your friends, not just coworkers.


HW: What are some things you’ve learned over the past year here?

VT: Organization! And time management. Also, learning how to just be comfortable talking with different people, especially when you’re talking with people about things you don’t know. Being comfortable asking questions and asking for help. And knowing how to navigate the business world.

AW: Being professional, going in front of clients and doing interviews. Like Vic said, just learning to be professional and being in the professional world. We have opportunities to talk to very senior professionals as well as those entering the professional workforce; I’ve become very comfortable speaking and meeting with people all over the spectrum.

SK: I think working in a smaller company with upper management that have been in this industry for so long, getting access to them as our mentors and being able to really spend time learning from them, has allowed them to pass on their knowledge to us. Having to step out of your comfort zone, and being able to present yourself in situations with senior managers has been really helpful as far as professional development goes for me personally.


HW: Do you have any goals for the next year at Resolution? 

AW: I think the company goal is to open an office in Nashville, and I would love to be a part of that, just helping the company grow. I also want to be a good mentor to the new recruiters.

SK: Yeah, I would say that I want to be able to pass on my knowledge and what I’ve learned in this first year here, helping the new recruiters get to the next level, whatever their goals are.

VT: My goal is account management.


HW: If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice before starting here, what would it be?

VT: Learn to pick your battles. It can be a very stressful job, so tensions are high sometimes. I’ve found that I don’t always react the best way, especially with stress. So just learning to pick my battles and not stressing out too much, because it will work itself out in the end.

AW: I would just tell myself to be confident. I think it took a long time to be confident because we are talking about a lot of technology that we might not really know about. And it took a long time for me to get comfortable discussing things that I don’t know everything about. So I would have to go back and say “just be confident, be comfortable and talk to the candidates like they’re regular people.”

VT: Yeah, talk to the candidates like how we’re talking now.

AW: Exactly, just be comfortable with the candidates and confident in my skills as a recruiter.

SK: I would say the same thing, be open to stepping outside your comfort zone, which this job forces you to do. The sooner you allow yourself to go outside of what’s familiar, that’s where all your learning takes place. Just push yourself as much as possible in order to grow.

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